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Hollywood Reporter – 10 Art Highlights of New York’s Armory Week

4th March 2017

Fairs taking place all over the city reveal new masters and fresh looks at known names.

Armory Week, the vast collection of art fairs that overtakes New York City each March, is never a single thing. Even if its namesake event underwhelms on the whole (as it did this year), it would be difficult to spend a day among these hundreds of visiting gallerists without making some new discoveries and seeing favorite artists in a new light.

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John Bingham – A Chat With Artist Henry Hussey at Sketch

23rd February 2017

I finally met Henry Hussey, a contemporary artist whose work I’ve been following for the past few years. We caught up at Sketch, where his current exhibition ‘Invisible Anchors of Time’ is being held. With thanks to both Presenza and Sketch for making this happen.

Hey Henry, I hope you’re well and 2017 isn’t too crazy for you. I’m really happy that you’re the first artist to feature on my blog and thank you in advance for sharing more about yourself with us.

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FAD – Marcelle Joseph Interviews Artist Henry Hussey

26th January 2017

You will be seeing artist Henry Hussey’s name come up a lot over the next few months.

Marcelle Joseph interviews Hussey to delve deeper into what drives his rich and emotive textile practice that incorporates text, imagery and embroidered and printed fabrics to create exquisitely detailed and boldly coloured works with an ominous aura. The artist’s work often mines his own familial history, becoming a visual autobiography with expressive figuration and confrontational narratives.

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Cent Magazine – Dante and Virgil’s Dark Journey into the Contemporary

16th January 2017

“In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost.”

The dark wood that Dante wrote of, is perhaps the perfect place for contemporary artistic practice. There are no conventions, you can explore your fears and take risks within your work. It exists on the margins of the mainstream. The exhibition’s five featured artists, Sara Berman, Laura Davis, Johnny Hoglund, Amelia Barratt and Dean Melbourne all in some form reflect this.

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Wallpaper – Teenage kicks: MSGM and artist Henry Hussey on their adolescence inspired capsule collection

5th January 2017

Young British artist Henry Hussey has chain-embroidered, digitally printed and beaded his colourful and provocative textiles onto antique naval flags, duvets and tablecloths. Now, in a new collaboration with MSGM’s Massimo Giorgetti, Hussey’s patched and slogan heavy creations also feature in a capsule collection of denim jackets, frayed sweaters and t-shirts. ‘My initial interest in textiles actually came from fashion,’ explains Hussey, whose textured and Swarovski crystal adorned tapestries take inspiration from evocative personal experiences, from fractured paternal relationships to the effects of political instability in Britain.

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15th December 2016

“I wish I cared about you more but I don’t.” So reads a red raw-cut t-shirt from the new MSGM collaboration with British artist Henry Hussey.

The collection, described by Hussey as “impulsive, bold, and fallible” and by Massimo Giorgetti, the Italian founder and lead designer of the fashion house MSGM, as “energy, emotion, and freedom,” came about when an art dealer introduced Giorgetti to Hussey’s textiles.

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VICE – Vivid Textiles Voice Unspoken Thoughts About Global Terrors

5th November 2016

The psychedelic embroidered works of Henry Hussey combine religious vestments, military regalia and the written word.

A combination of digital screen prints, chemical dyes, beadwork, and Swarovski crystals become narrative textile collages in the work of UK artist Henry Hussey. With embroidery as his medium, Hussey crafts vividly beautiful psychedelic narratives that range from the personal to the geopolitical.

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Floorr Magazine – Issue 5 / Henry Hussey

8th August 2016

“I come to textiles from a masculine perspective and the Workers Union Banners are a cornerstone to this.”

Could you tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you been a practicing artist and where did you study?

I studied at the Royal College of Art and graduated in 2013. This was a formative experience and laid the foundations of my practice. Specialising in textiles I explored the dramatic and powerful narratives which could be expressed in the medium.

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Samizdat – Reliquaries / Henry Hussey

3rd August 2016

The Coates & Scarry Gallery on London’s Duke Street has made a name for itself as one of the premier places for emerging artists to showcase their work before having thoroughly gained recognition on the notoriously competitive contemporary art scene. In a sense, the gallery works as a gateway between two prospective audiences; the unapologetic crowds of the DIY spaces of South and East London and the increasingly exclusive exhibition spaces orchestrated and frequented by noted leaders and critical consumers of the British modern art movement.

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Aesthetica – Review of Henry Hussey’s Reliquaries

22nd July 2016

A reliquary is meant for sacred things and, as individuals, what we hold sacred often has the power to leave us scarred. Realised predominantly through textiles, Henry Hussey’s deeply personal work draws its power from a willingness to engage with such poignant, sacramental things as family, love, politics, death, and memory without shying away from the scars they can leave. The reliquaries presented at Gallery 8, all of which are for sale, capture what may prove a formative moment in the artist’s career.

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We Heart – Henry Hussey, Reliquaries

21st July 2016

Artist Henry Hussey’s emotionally-charged, lavish textiles originate from a very unusual working process.

Henry Hussey is a British artist with one foot way, way in the past. His intricate textile-based artworks (masterfully created with grand materials like lace, silk, damask, velvet, Swarovski crystals, and faux pearls) look the stuff of formidable museums, of Medieval tapestries — politically-charged, they could as easily be at home in the arms of marching protestors. For now, they are at London’s Gallery 8, but that does not render them any less powerful.

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Huck Magazine – Raw material: The subtle power of Henry Hussey’s art

7th July 2016

Henry Hussey turned his back on fashion design to find an original voice in textiles. But this isn’t your typical ornamental embroidery. This is hard-hitting art packing all the urgency of trade-union banners.

Imagine seeing disembodied heads and hands, a snake and a bloodied machete, all surrounding a delicately embroidered penis tipped with diamanté. This is not a Freudian dream sequence. It’s ‘Crescendo’, a piece by textiles artist Henry Hussey.

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Wide Walls – Contemporary Textile Art by Henry Hussey Tells an Intense Story

3rd July 2016

For the last few years, the contemporary textile art scene has been getting richer for the work of young British artist Henry Hussey. His work is deeply personal and, usually, it is the art driven by the emotion of anger, or fear, or power and control, or it is sometimes based on the term of memories. Some of the Hussey’s latest textile art pieces will be displayed in the upcoming solo show presented by Coates & Scarry, which will be held at Gallery 8 in London. within – The Last Breath and the Locking Horns.

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Lushgazine – #theTALKS – Textile Artist Henry Hussey at Art Central

24th March 2016

The art week has arrived and I have been down with a serious flu for the past week. Good that I am back physically and have a chance to visit Coates & Scarry Gallery’s booth at Art Central today. This time, they are representing London-based textile artist Henry Hussey, whose works are showing the first time here in Hong Kong. The first look of his works gives a powerful message, alongside with intricate embroidery, hand-dyed vintage fabrics, and beading works with his grandmother’s pearls inherited. Below is an interview with the artist himself from where we can understand more about the stories behind.

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Aesthetica – Q+A With Flamboyant Multi-Media Artist Henry Hussey

18th March 2016

Henry Hussey creates artworks informed by significant moments in his life, choosing to juxtapose digital processes and a variety of fabric techniques such as embroidery, dyeing and screen-printing. We catch up with the artist about his methods, inspiration and innovative aesthetic decisions.

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Traction Magazine – 106. Henry Hussey

27th November 2015

Henry Hussey’s large-scale textile pieces borrow narrative from his personal history, balancing the grit of human experience with the beauty of intricately crafted, tangible surfaces and textures. Traction interviews the artist to find out more.

What drew you to work in textiles?

I have found that textiles as a medium allows me to very quickly build a sense of scale and impact unlike other art forms. The tactile quality of transforming materials is liberating as you can form dramatic compositions that resonate directly with the viewer.

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Wide Walls – Vestige at Gallery 8

8th February 2015

Vestige is a group exhibition in Gallery 8, which will gather five artists diverse both in terms of choice of the material they deal with, and in the way how those materials are implemented and used by the hand of an artist. Lisa Wright, Penny Byrne, Emma Vidal, Aaron Smith and Henry Hussey, have at least one thing in common: they are all facing us with the same disclosures of how art can reflect on history, politics and culture. Viewing those works, we can only follow that vestige.

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Luxurious Magazine – Henry Hussey will be part of a new group show

15th January 2015

Henry Hussey’s works bring together vintage, hand-dyed and printed fabrics, embroidery and bead-work in the production of rich and emotive textile pieces. Now Hussey will be part of a new group show – Vestige – opening at Gallery 8 on Duke Street St James on Monday 9th February.

Drawing upon personal experiences of specific events and the emotional responses that have informed his life, Hussey skilfully layers and interweaves text, imagery and material to create exquisitely detailed works with a powerful resonance.

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Timeout – Interview: Henry Hussey and Vanessa Wong

9th June 2014

Emerging artists Henry Hussey and Vanessa Wong tell Alexis Lai about their bold looks on life, evident in their works currently on show at The Cat Street Gallery

The title Young Blood evokes both youth and freshness – both of which are in abundance in the first commercial gallery showing of works by emerging artists Henry Hussey and Vanessa Wong. While Hussey, a textile artist from England, and Wong, a painter from Hong Kong, may not share an obvious connection, their works form a cohesive exhibition at The Cat Street Gallery on Hollywood Road with their bold vibrant colours, sharp conceptual focus, and deep personal inspiration.

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